I’m 3 Months Peeps!

That’s right ladies. I am now 3 months old! There are so many things I can do now that I’m three months. Here’s a little checklist of the things I should be ABLE to do by now:

  • follow moving toys or faces with my eyes – Ppppf. check.
  • startle at loud or new sounds – checkity check
  • wiggle and kick with legs and arms – you better check yourself
  • lift head and shoulders while on stomach – double checky
  • smile back at parents or other family membersĀ - heh…really…check.
  • make sounds, like gurgling, cooing or sucking sounds – more checkin’ than chicken
Well…done and done. I’m a genius.
Being as it was my 3 month birthday yesterday, my mom wanted to take her monthly photos. Of course. I am really cute. But you know what…sometimes I don’t want my picture taken, okay? Sometimes I don’t like being this cute. It’s a real hardship…sometimes. (I know, I know, the grass is always greener.) So anyways, when my mom tried to take some pics of me with my 3 month tie on, I was not having it. Have a look:
I’m cute but I ain’t smiling.
Smile? Hmmm. Let me think. No.
Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Not smiling.
Oooooooooo! Lalalala.
Something’s brewing…and it’s not a smile.
Finally my mom gave up and I let her have it. Here is just a preview of what I said to her for an hour yesterday:


You know. After I took a little nap, I was feeling a little generous so I gave her this because I love her.

Happy 3 month b-day to me!!! I’m cute.


xoxo Ewan – the baby.

Angry 3 Month Old from ShaSha on Vimeo.


OMG! Guess what??? The EASTER Bunny came!!! You know…the one with the fancy vest and bowtie. The one that I took a picture with. The one that kinda smelled like beef and cheese. He was here! He actually found a way into our house and left ME a basket! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Look at my excitment:

Here’s the basket:

Isn’t that a fine looking basket?

(NOTE: Now I know that it was the Easter Bunny that left this basket but I could swear I’m missing some of the SAME items out of my room…awww well…)

So. Not only did the Easter Bunny leave me a basket but he hid plastic eggs all around the house.

Here is one in the plant:

Here is one on the thing that my mom tries to make sound come out of:

Here is one on my tummy time mat:

Here is one in the DOG TOY basket!!!!:

Here is one next to a picture of me and the actual bunny…clever:

And here is one on something my mom calls a “decanter”. I guess she used to use this contraption A LOT before I came along. But I don’t know about those things because I’m just a wee baby:

I was so excited to find these wonderful plastic eggs!

Not only did the Easter Bunny stop by my house but he also stopped by my grandma and grandpa’s house! Take a look!

The basket was bigger than me:

In my basket there was a fun book and a duck dressed as a bunny that yelled at me:

I also got a plastic egg:

But I think I had too much of whatever was inside:

Now. In my cousin Sofia’s basket, there was this chicken that…well…how do I put this…maybe you should just watch…


Anywhoo, I had a fantastic first Easter! Here’s one more video of me and my dad talking about my day:


Talking about Easter from ShaSha on Vimeo.

Well…that’s it for me! Hoppy Easter everyone! (See what I did there. I said hoppy instead of happy. Because it’s Easter. And bunnies hop…)

xoxo Ewan – the baby.

A Bunny Day

Today was a great day! My mom took me to the South Coast Plaza Mall to see the EASTER BUNNY! The Easter Bunny is this HUGE bunny rabbit dressed in a fancy vest and bowtie who takes pictures with kids in front of a makeshift meadow. My mom says that on Sunday the Easter Bunny will sneak into our house and leave me a basket of goodies and hide eggs all around the house for me to find. Now, I don’t know what a bunny rabbit is doing with eggs but it sounds like a real good time…

Here are a few pics with some things I was thinking today:

“Moooom, I AM excited…I’m just resting my eyes.”

“Say what??? A human-sized rabbit with a vest???”

“I shouldn’t have had that second helping…”

“It wasn’t me!”

“So when you leave the basket watch out for the dog with the funny eye…”

All in all, it was a good first meeting with the Easter Bunny. We’ll see what happens Sunday when he drops by the house.

xoxo Ewan – the baby.

Hello! I’m a baby!

Hi there! My name is Sir Ewan Cameron Henderson and this is my blog. This is me:

My mom says I’m pretty much the cutest baby in the whole wide world. I don’t really know what a “whole wide world” is, cause I’m just a baby, but I think I’ll agree with her.

I was born at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, CA on January 10, 2012. I came in at 7 lbs. 1 oz. and 19 inches long. I was very skinny when I got home from the hospital but, as you can see, I sure have filled out! Here’s another one of me:

My mom says I’m real good at tummy time. I don’t know what that means…cause I’m just a baby, but I’ll take her word for it.

By the way, here’s a picture of me and my mom:

I love her, like, a lot because she feeds me and changes me and sings to me! She says when I grow up we’re going to start a band. I don’t know what a band is…cause I’m a baby, see…but it sounds good to me!

Here’s a pic of me and my dad:

My mom says he’s a real “looker” and it’s a good thing I look like him. I love him a lot too! He takes care of me when my mom goes to the store and places. He also changes me in the middle of the night when my mom tells him she’ll give him one million dollars to do it. Now. I don’t know what a million dollars is, cause of the whole baby thing, but he does it every time.

Here’s a picture of what my mom calls doggies. They live here too.

I think this one is called “No” or “Down” or “Stella”:

She’s the big one.

This one, I think, is called “What the…” or “Are you crazy…” or “Heinie”.

He’s the weird looking one.

Sometimes my mom calls this one other names but I’m a baby so I don’t know what it means…

Welp. That’s me and my family in a nutshell.

I hope you come back to read more about my life as a wee baby.

xoxo Ewan – the baby.