So, I’m pretty popular. In the three months I have been on this earth, I have met many people. I guess I’m what you call a social butterfly. I like people. And they sure do like me. My mom says I have a winning personality. I’m going to agree with that.

Here is my first friend I ever met:

His name is Benjamin. Benjamin is my mom’s friend, Amanda’s, son. He lives all the way in Georgia. Now, I don’t know where that is because I’m only three months but I will definitely be going to visit someday. Benjamin and I are what my mom calls “heartbreakers”.

Here is my second friend I ever met:

His name is Nolan. He’s my mom’s friend, Lauren’s, son. As you can see, Nolan likes to relax. We are going to be great friends. Nolan comes from a very musical family so I think we’ll probably be in a band together. I’ll be the lead, of course. Nolan can be on drums or a keytar…


Finally I got to meet a girl. Here I am before my first date:

“Hi. It’s date-Ewan. Pleased to meet me…”

This is me and Kate. Kate is my mom’s friend, Monica’s, daughter:

I tried to play it cool but she’s saying “Ewww boys. Yuck.”

Ok. So. She didn’t like me this time but don’t you worry. I’ll win her over in the end. I’m thinking prom 2030.

Welp. Those are my friends for now. I think I’ll be making A LOT more in weeks to come…because I’m so darn cute.

xoxo Ewan – the baby.



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  1. Ewan …… This is your gran speaking … are way too young for dates …….so listen to me …… Get a few ‘ologies ‘ before you start that nonsense young man !! But I love you anyways xxxxx

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