Since I’m just a wee baby and haven’t been here for that long, I encounter many firsts. This last weekend I had tree firsts. Count um…one…two…tree.

The first first…hehe…first first, was going on a weekend away. One of my mom’s besties was getting married and of course we had to attend, as my mom was her matron of honor. Now I’m just a baby so I don’t know what a “matron” does but I think it has something to do with running around with the other ladies whilst giggling, dressing up all fancy-like, andĀ sipping on something called champers…

Here are the few pics I have from the weekend:

This is me and the bride-to-be Auntieeee Nicoleeeee. <3<3<3

This is me and my gramma.

Here I am having to fend for myself because my mom was at a rehearsal dinner and my dad was somewhere???

It’s ok though because I’m a really smart baby.

All in all it was a FANTASTIC weekend!

(NOTE: My next weekend away I get to go on something called an airplane. Eeeeeee!)

My second first was my babysitters. I had pretty much the bestest babysitters in the world. Julie and Jay watched me while my mom and dad were at the wedding. We did so many activities. We had chinese take-out, we went to the park, we laughed, we cried (not me, Jay) and we sang.

Here I am at the park (that’s Jay dancing in the background):

I had the bestest time ever! I can’t wait for them to babysit me again!

And my third first was sleeping in my crib for the first time! Can someone say milestone??? I think so! I told my mom for weeks now that I was ready to sleep in my crib in my own room and not in the co-sleeper but she did not believe me. I finally convinced her.

Here’s my crib all set up:

Breathable bumper = check.

AngelCare monitor = check.

WebCam = Um. Really, dad? (sigh) check.

It was obviously a very hard night:

I may or may not have heard my mom sneak into the room 5 times that night…

Alrighty. That’s all my firsts from the weekend. I’m sure, being a wee baby, I’ll have more to come.

Before you go, here’s a video of me waking my mom from my new room:

Waking Up from ShaSha on Vimeo.


xoxo Ewan – the baby.

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