I Am 4 Months!

That’s right peeps. I am four months old as of last week. You know how I’m like a genius baby, right? Well, at my four month doctor’s appointment, it was confirmed. I am a genius.

Here’s a pic of me in the waiting room:

Dr. McCutie to see Dr. Bennett.

The doc asked me all kinds of things to make sure I’m hitting all my milestones.

She asked:

  • Are you talking yet? Pffft! Really? Talking AND singing.
  • Have you rolled over? HA.HA.HA.I’m rolling right off my┬áplay-mat like every day. Evidence..
  • How are you sitting up? Easy.

See I’m sitting.
Weeelllllll Maybe with a little help…

  • Can you do a mini push-up? Obviously, she forgot her ticket to the gun show.

Genius status = check.

After all the genius confirmation, the nurse came back in to give me my shots.

Here I am before the shots: (Happy as a wee clam.)

Here I am after: (WTH was that? And why are you taking a picture???)

When we got home from the doc’s, it was time for my monthly pics.

At first, it seemed like I wasn’t going to smile again.

“You lookin’ at me?”

“Shots. Hmmph.”

“Do I know you?”

“Stop making those silly faces mOOOm.”

“You’re freakin’ me out!”

“Ahhhh well. Gets me every time!”

Happy four month bday to meeeee!!!


xoxo Ewan – the baby.

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