I’m so busy!

Wassup my people!? So much has happened since I last blogged. I am sooooo busy. Don’t worry though! I’m still here. And I really missed you, especially you…;)

Since you last saw me, I have changed!

Exhibit A – I’m growing:

That is a seven month tie! That’s so old! I’m thinking about getting my own apartment…Hahaha. JK. I’m never moving out.

Exhibit B – I’m smart:


Into twiangle shaped hole.


My mom didn’t help me at all…I’m brainy.

Finally, Exhibit C – I’m CRAWLING and CLIMBING:

Now that I’m crawling, I am very curious. Right now we are in the middle of changing the adult pool table room into BabyMetropolis. This is where I’ll be spending A LOT of my time. Think of all the activities! In the meantime, my mom gets to chase me all over the house, which I quite like. My favorite is when she turns her back for a second or decides she needs a picture of something I’m doing.

Here I am when my mom was trying to get the seven month pics.

Here I am rolling off the pillow barricade my mom put up to stop me from crawling to the DVDs. (Heh. Nice try.)

I heard her talking to my dad the other day. She said she was real tired. Now, I dont really know what “tired” is because I am never tired.

I decided to put together a short video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

Welp. That’s all for me. I think I’ll go try and climb into the dog’s dish again. My mom really seems to like that.


xoxo Ewan – the baby.

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  1. Hey BFF! I love this video of you. You certainly are handsome, which is cool cause I want my wingman to be as equally handsome as me. I can’t wait to see you again, so we can cause a ruckus. Miss you, matey!

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