I’m 3 Months Peeps!

That’s right ladies. I am now 3 months old! There are so many things I can do now that I’m three months. Here’s a little checklist of the things I should be ABLE to do by now:

  • follow moving toys or faces with my eyes – Ppppf. check.
  • startle at loud or new sounds – checkity check
  • wiggle and kick with legs and arms – you better check yourself
  • lift head and shoulders while on stomach – double checky
  • smile back at parents or other family membersĀ - heh…really…check.
  • make sounds, like gurgling, cooing or sucking sounds – more checkin’ than chicken
Well…done and done. I’m a genius.
Being as it was my 3 month birthday yesterday, my mom wanted to take her monthly photos. Of course. I am really cute. But you know what…sometimes I don’t want my picture taken, okay? Sometimes I don’t like being this cute. It’s a real hardship…sometimes. (I know, I know, the grass is always greener.) So anyways, when my mom tried to take some pics of me with my 3 month tie on, I was not having it. Have a look:
I’m cute but I ain’t smiling.
Smile? Hmmm. Let me think. No.
Knock. Knock. Who’s there? Not smiling.
Oooooooooo! Lalalala.
Something’s brewing…and it’s not a smile.
Finally my mom gave up and I let her have it. Here is just a preview of what I said to her for an hour yesterday:


You know. After I took a little nap, I was feeling a little generous so I gave her this because I love her.

Happy 3 month b-day to me!!! I’m cute.


xoxo Ewan – the baby.

Angry 3 Month Old from ShaSha on Vimeo.

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